Stock Footage English Course From Learning to Earning to Sell Your Videos Online


Streaming platforms revolution has brought to a global exponential growth of demand for video content.

This demand is constantly growing.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we teach you step by step how to make steady passive income selling your videos online.

This is the ONLY course you need to SUCCESSFULLY sell videos online to the world’s leading streaming platforms, to news agencies, for the production of movies and TV series, advertising and documentaries.


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About this course

This incredible course will teach you how to make money selling your videos online to the world’s leading streaming platforms.

A step-by-step course
You will learn how to shoot high quality footage, how to sell them to the major stock agencies in the world and how to meet buyer’s needs.

Edit and export your clips
With stock footage you can achieve your financial freedom but first you have to learn how to edit and export high quality footage.

Make money while you sleep
Earn from passive income. Every time your clips sell, you get paid. For years, even when you sleep. All on autopilot.

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If you want to sell your videos online, you need to learn what is the stock footage business.

You need to learn how to shoot high-quality footage and how to meet buyers’ requests. The exponential global growth of demand for video content makes this business an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

See what’s in the course and start to make money online with this incredibly high-value step-by-step course.

Who is it for?

This course is for professionals and beginners who want to learn how to earn from passive income.

  • You will learn how to earn from passive income
  • Which are the most profitable stock footage agencies
  • How to edit and color correct your clips
  • A “secret weapon” that will help you to sell even more! 
  • 24 incredibly valuable videos full of tips and resources

About The Author

Marco Cirone
Marco Cirone

Photographer and Filmmaker

Marco Cirone, CEO and co-founder of Cinematic World Academy, is an Italian landscape and documentary photographer and a successful filmmaker.
He worked on commercial projects for airlines and tourist agencies and his images are used in many countries for advertising and editorial campaigns.
Working as a video content creator in the stock footage industry, his clips are used by some of the largest streaming companies in the world for the production of movies and tv series.

What's In The Course

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$390 $290