Cinematic World Academy


Cinematic World Academy is a global team in which video content creators, keywording consultants, editors, colorists and many more professionals from around the world, work in perfect sinergy to bring you the most exceptional, unusual, and unique footage for your video projects.

But there is much more…

As we decided to offer any amateur or experienced video content creator the opportunity to sell their videos online and take advantage of a multi-billion dollar market that is growing daily, Marco Cirone, CEO and Co-founder of CWA from Italy, created an amazing course in 24 lessons called “Stock Footage From Learning To Earning”.

The same course is now available also in Italian language and is called ” Stock Footage Imparare Per Guadagnare”,

We offer our highly creative video content creations and professional metadata curation consultancy to meet the needs of many different business.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.