The ONLY course you need to SUCCESSFULLY sell videos online to the world’s leading streaming platforms, to news agencies, for the production of movies and TV series, advertising and documentaries.

You can watch the course on any device that can play videos. This includes smartphones, tablets, PC’s and Mac’s.
Because that way you can make money selling your videos to the world's leading streaming platforms while having fun
Any amateur or professional video content creator with a desire to achieve a financial independence with passive income through their passion. Cinematographers, drone pilots, smartphones lovers and all creators with a passion for videography. People with piled of hard drives occupied with terabytes of unused footage.
High-end Android smartphones and iPhones, in combination with the use of dedicated professional applications, can undoubtedly generate good quality videos. So it is absolutely possible to create and sell video content with just a smartphone. However, always keep in mind that the quality of the videos generated by a smartphone can never be comparable to the one produced by machines dedicated to this purpose.
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Stock Footage From Learning To Earning
  • Step-By-Step Course
  • 24 Lessons (2h 47m)
  • Audio : English
  • For Professionals and Beginners
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