It takes effort as well as consistency to produce top-quality footage. It may also happen that some of your stock footage may be amazing for some people and not really at the top for some others. Each client has his own standards and look at different things. Some buyers look at the bitrate, some other buyers at which angle and perspective you chose or which is the subject and if it is color graded or a color corrected ( we talk in detail about this difference in our course ” Stock Footage From Learning To Earning”

To give buyers a wider range of possibilities to choose from you need to produce a big amount of stock footage, this is the solution if you want to meet all buyer’s needs. Try to think, create and produce more. If you are a videomaker with many ideas, don’t stand still, get your camera and go out to turn your ideas into videos.

In this article we will try together to understand which are the three main forms of creativity that are part of a videomaker and that, through his sensitivity, since he’s an artist, are expressed in the moment of transforming an idea, in a video that will then be sold as stock footage to the major agencies like Pond5, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Vimeo Stock and others. Yes, because here we learn how to sell videos online and make a steady passive income from this business.

So, here are the three main categories of videomakers, to which one do you belong to?

⦁ The Director
⦁ The Narrator
⦁ The Visionary

The first form of creativity is the one that transforms a videomaker into a sort of director. This type of videomaker must use all the techniques he knows and apply all possible effects. His video must be a masterpiece, with the right lighting, the right camera angle (take a look at our article “How to become a successful filmmaker using camera angles”), and the perfect background. Nothing should be left to chance and for the videomaker director the details really make a huge difference.
If you are this type of content creator you probably know what it means to work hard on a project and be rewarded with the perfect result, just what you wanted.


😷Hand of woman coloring world drawn on paper with “all will be ok” slogan in different languages

A videomaker is first of all a narrator. In videography, this type of videomaker loves the beauty of a scene in its natural state. Because of this, they hardly change something of the natural scene in front of them before filming. They are narrators, they are storytellers and they love to film what is as close as possible to the reality around them. In fact, reality does not need technical improvements, often the light is the right one, the shooting angle can be fine and all that a narrator videomaker does is simply film what inspires him without altering the contents of the scene.

🏖️Beach Chairs and Straw Umbrellas in Maldives Island

The visionary videomakers has creative and imaginative skills above the standards. They create any sort of video from zero. They can think of a scenario and create it from scratch. They create the actions,  they create the emotions of the subject, they also create the background. They are true visonaries, in their minds constantly emerge new ideas that they manage to transform somehow into videos thanks to the professional use of animation software.

🌎Planet Earth Rotating back and forth on Black Background

Regardless of the type of creativity you have and to which category you belong to, the important thing is to grow, improve, and produce more and more content. In a short time, thanks to your creativity, your experience and our suggestions, you will become a very successful videomaker in the world of stock footage. We recommend you to take a look at our course, you will find a lot of incredibly important information and resources.

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