To become a better videographer you need inspiration, new ideas on what to shoot, on what to film. You need to be motivated if you want to create something unique.
But improving usually means that you also have to experience new things, new tools, new perspectives. By doing so you can expand your knowledge and skills.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, this article will surely help you in creating new fantastic stock footage. Going back to inspiration,… why do you really need it?

Because, sometimes, you might experience a lack of good ideas, you simply don’t know what to shoot, what to create, and it’s ok, this is absolutely normal.  Don’t worry,  the amazing power of keywords can help you find your guiding light.

Some of the major agencies of stock footage like Pond5, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock, but also Vimeo Stock, Videohive, Dissolve, and even the Japanese Pixta, regularly post the most searched keywords which lead to the top-selling stock footage.
How can this be useful to you?

Knowing the most searched keywords you simply look at things from a buyer’s point of view, you have to understand how the market works and what people are looking for.

2020 was the year the world stopped, a very negative year for the whole world. After that, we expected a positive reaction. 2021 was the year where keywords like “enjoy”, “relax” and “freedom” were very well searched. 2022 started with an increase in searches for footage featuring people, families, children enjoying and appreciating life. 

Take a look at these clips that perfectly represent these concepts


Glorious sunset over Maldives ocean Low angle pan right


Close up of little girl with blue jumper and teddy bear beside her holding ice cream sitting outdoor

Back to 2021, in particular the first quarter, for the term “freedom”, there was about a 200% increase in searches.
keywords like “freedom” are infact very evocative, emotional, and reflect what people absolutely need right now

Man walks toward ocean of Maldives on terrace of restaurant with arms wide open

There has been an increase also in searches related to training at home or outdoors as many fitness centers have been closed for a long time. For this reason, keywords like “health”, “wellbeing” and “physical exercise” might be a very good opportunity for you, as a video content creator.

There are many tools that can help you find the most important and researched keywords so that you can easily find what people are looking for to buy on stock footage agencies. Some of these tools are more powerful than others.

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